End of Trial - Updated

The trial of Brent Hawkes is over.

His Honour has reserved his decision and will be deliver it orally at the Kentville Courthouse on January 31.

Before the trial finished, the judge overruled objections by the Crown Attorney and agreed to hear from an expert on memory put forward by Brent’s lawyer Clayton Ruby. The expert explained how people can sometimes have “false memory syndrome.” In such cases the person sincerely believes they witnessed a particular event when in fact they reconstructed a “memory” in their mind that it is not based on what they actually experienced. Such a person can give false testimony while sincerely believing that they are telling the truth.    

The judge ruled against the Crown Attorney for a second time when the Crown Attorney asked to call additional witnesses after Brent’s case was closed.

Final arguments appeared to go very well. The judge listened carefully and asked good questions,

The fact that a ruling is still about two months away will mean additional expense for Brent and his lawyers, as they will have to travel to Nova Scotia for the decision. Many people have given generously, and some have even given a second time. However, we remain short of even our minimum fundraising goal.

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